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Beijing TOPLI Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.

Beijing TOPLI Decorative Materials Co., Ltd., established in 1976,is the first professional wallpaper manufacturer integrating research & development, production, and sales. Over the past 39 years TOPLI has been leading the wallpaper industry China and striding forward to be -fashionable, technical, and environmental. Presently TOPLI has developed into a world-class wallpaper manufacturer. 

TOPLI now owns more than 30 sets of the world's most advanced production equipment from Japan, Germany, Britain, Netherlands, Italy and Taiwan. The annual productioncapacity is up to 80 million square meters.


TOPLI has its own professional design team, every year according to the market demand and design a variety of different places can lead the trend of the wallpaper products, and provides the preparation and character design, color imitation service users.Which TOPLI design team designed by world-class wallpaper master (Bourne · Hagen) and Japan wallpaper industry experts (new country king) personally led the building, each product is released, will cause a new trend.TOPLI always adhere to the design concept of wallpaper art creative fashion, let the colorful wallpaper decoration culture show fashion, creative arts, cultural taste. 

TOPLI young team, experienced, each designer's production Some products are the focus of the wallpaper industry hot.

R & D Center

TOPLI has its own product research institute, according to market demand or market trends to develop new materials, new features and new products.

Marketing Center

TOPLI in the more than and 100 large and medium-sized cities in the country's building materials market has a sales terminal, with nearly 1000 dealers, more than and 300 special engineering service providers, the top 20 real estate enterprises in the country with more than a dozen TOPLI alliance. TOPLI in the more than and 100 major cities in the country's more than and 500 building materials market has a total of more than 1 thousand and 500 dealers.


1976年 从日本引进墙纸生产线,成立北京市建筑塑料制品厂
1993年 北京市建筑塑料制品厂更名为北京市金巢装饰材料公司
1994年 成立中港合资企业北京金天装饰材料有限公司
1995年 与日本东理株式会社合资成立北京金巢东理装饰材料有限公司
1999年 合资成立中美合资企业北京金优装饰材料有限公司
2001年 改制成立北京特普丽装饰装帧材料有限公司
2010年 设立合资子公司北京博瑞吉墙纸有限公司
2013年 成立北京市企业技术中心

Our First

01.1976—The first wallpaper manufacturer in China was set up.
02.1978—Topli Successfully developed and launched the first roll of  PVC wallpaper in China.  
03.1980—TOPLI successfully developed and launched the first roll of PVC decorative materials in China.
04.1986—TOPLI successfully developed and launched the first roll of fabric-backed wallpaper in China.
05.1987—TOPLI Successfully developed, produced, and launched flame retardant, moisture-proof and antistatic wallpaper
06.1999—TOPLI Successfully developed and launched the first roll of golden wallpaper.
07.2001—TOPLI produced the first roll of surface strengthened, anti-fouling, antibacterial multi-functional wallpaper.
08.2002—The first successfully developed and launched roll of PVC surface complex with silk wallpaper was produced by TOPLI.
09.2003—Successfully developed and launched the first roll of non-woven wallpaper (which was also named as breathed wallpaper), granule wallpaper, glass beads wallpaper, and fluff wallpaper was produced by TOPLI.
10.2005—Topli, the first Chinese wallpaper manufacturer, participated the world's largest exhibition of interior decoration materials in Frankfurt, Germany - Heimtextil
11.2007—TOPLI imported the most advanced set of  synchronous overprint and pressure combined equipment,which produced the first roll of intaglio printed and screen printed combined products.
12.2008—TOPLI imported the automatically registered wide version fabric-based wallpaper production line and the fully automated, computer registered, six-color synchronous printing and embossing machine.
13.2010—TOPLI imported the 12-color“Stork”Wallpaper Printing Line from the Netherlands.It can produce color printed, embossed, sprinkled, and foamed  wallpaper.
14.2013—Topli begins developing a new  technology  called "Island Printing".
15.2014—The first wallpaper manufaturer who developed 9-color wallpaper printing line combined gravure printing and screen printing